In-house Tape & Reel


In an effort to provide quality “one stop shopping” for your component packaging requirements, SMT has the in-house taping equipment to handle surface mount, axial, radial or specialty packages. We handle all sizes of surface mount tape from 8mm to 108mm. In addition, SMT can do custom tooling for virtually any component as well as custom lead bending, forming and cutting.

Any customer-specific length, shape or bend can be accommodated. Custom “shoes” for our forming and cutting equipment can be made quickly from a finished component drawing or sample.   Our robotic pick-and-place taper was custom designed and built at SMT for high-reliability applications. It features an integrated alpha-numeric vision system that provides a comparative QC analysis for each component before it is wound onto the reel. The vision inspection checks for lead alignment, manufacturer’s part number and logo, as well as proper orientation and seating in the tape pocket. The system will automatically shut down and alert the operator if a component flaw is detected.