SMT Corporation has developed two state of the art, in-house authentication test labs certified to ISO17025. This rigorous certification includes acceptance for standard testing, nonstandard testing and lab-developed testing methods. All our test results are monitored for quality and integrity, our testing equipment is calibrated and well maintained and our written procedures are used for all aspects of lab activities. Our lab technicians include EE Engineers and certified inspectors. Our company is also certified to CCAP-101 for component authentication. In addition to our two state of the art labs, SMT has constructed 7,000 sq. ft of new lab space to incorporate our electrical functionality testing as well as our DNA applications.

We are now a fully serviced, one stop shop for the complete authentication and functionality of electronic components. Our lab equipment includes:

  • 24 Dinocams;
  • 12 Metallurgical Microscopes;
  • 2 Fischerscope XDAL X-Ray Fluorescence Systems;
  • 1 Innovox X-Ray Fluorescence System;
  • 2 DAGE X-Ray Inspection Systems;
  • 2 Glenbrook Jewel Box X-Ray units;
  • 2 Creative Electron, Automated Inspection R2R X-Ray Systems;
  • 2 Tescan Scanning Electron Microscopes;
  • 1 Hitachi Scanning Electron Microscope;
  • 1 Oxford Instruments Energy Dispersive X-ray
  • 1 EDX Energy Dispersive X-ray
  • 2 GEN3 MUST Solderability Systems
  • 4 Acid Etch Decapsulation Systems;