Electrical Testing

Electrical testing of electronic components is used to verify that the functionality and characteristics of devices meet correct specifications under a variety of conditions. SMT Corporation is committed to providing the highest quality of components, and electrical testing helps guarantee that devices are functional and within specification. Passive components, such as resistors, capacitors, or diodes, are tested using our digital multimeters and precision LCR meters. Active components, from transistors to microprocessors, require a broader set of stimulus signals and a more advanced data capturing ability. To achieve this, SMT Corporation utilizes high-speed high-precision electrical test equipment from leading test equipment vendors. This equipment is designed for both flexibility and extensibility in electrical testing. Current test input and output capabilities include a precision power supply capable of ±20V, ±2A signal generation, a digital signal generator capable of stimulating and capturing digital waveforms at up to 200MHz, and an oscilloscope capable of 14-bit analog waveform capture with a bandwidth of 100MHz. Future upgrade paths include equipment for radio-frequency signal generation and capture. Looking forward early into 2013, SMT Corporation plans to use this equipment to perform electrical testing to military standards, with burn-in, temperature cycling, seal and acceleration testing, and upscreening available to our customers.