2010 ISTFA Program

Take a look at the 2010 Technical Program. Expect the 2011 Technical Program to build upon the success of this past year.

The ISTFA organizing committee, EDFASSM and ASM have made many changes for 2010 to deliver a program packed with valuable information and networking opportunities. Here are just a few changes we’ve made to the ISTFA program that will add value:

  • The Photovoltaic Failure Analysis session returns
  • A new session on Counterfeit Electronics – Risks and Mitigation has been added
  • User Group meetings will be aligned with related sessions
  • New Panel Discussion: Counterfeit Electronics – Detection and Prevention

Tutorial: November 14 - 15, 2010

The ISTFA 2010 Tutorial is a comprehensive series of lectures designed to provide in-depth coverage of key topics relating to failure analysis, including critical focus areas such as fault localization, FIB, and microscopy.

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Symposium: November 16 - 18, 2010

The ISTFA 2010 Symposium offers some of the sectors' most timely topics as presented by leading industry experts.

Thomas Sharpe

Keynote Speaker:

Thomas Sharpe
Vice President
SMT Corporation

Counterfeiters’ Techniques: Constantly Improving to Avoid Detection – National Security Depends on Us to Keep Up

With the world market as their sales territory and a host country that turns a blind eye to the rights of Intellectual Property (IP) holders worldwide, the counterfeiting and resale of electronic components in Shantou and Shenzhen China is alive, well and flourishing. A first-hand narration, photo-documented tour of this area provides compelling and clear evidence that this threat is far worse than we imagine and here to stay. The recent refinements of the counterfeiter’s craft demonstrate clearly that we are battling very well-informed and well-funded groups of criminal enterprise.

What is still worse is that huge amounts of counterfeit material are produced specifically for high-reliability Defense and Aerospace Industry applications. The dire consequence this situation exposes to our war fighters, our national security and our allies, cannot be overstated.

The only reasonable response from the US industry to this continually evolving threat can be to constantly reevaluate, revise and improve all aspects of inspection techniques, processes and equipment used for component testing and authentication.

Panel Discussion: November 18

Counterfeit Electronics – Detection and Prevention

Counterfeit Electronics can be defined as electronic components or systems produced or distributed in violation of international property rights, copyrights or trademark laws, or otherwise misrepresented in violation of intellectual property or other property laws, and whose materials, performance, or characteristics are knowingly misrepresented by the vendor, supplier distributor, or manufacture.

Counterfeit electronic components can jeopardize the performance and reliability of electronics, decrease customer satisfaction, and increase costs for legitimate manufactures. Counterfeit electronics have been increasingly reported worldwide in a wide range of products, including computers, telecommunications equipment, automobiles, avionics and military systems. Up to 20% of electronic components in distributors’ supply chains are consisted of counterfeit electronics and counterfeits cost industry up to $100 billion a year worldwide. It is becoming a pressing need for electronic industry to be able to effectively detect, avoid, mitigate, and prevent counterfeit electronics.

This year’s panel will discuss those issues with focus on inspection protocol for authenticity and strategic/proactive measures for prevention:

  • External visual inspection and materials analysis
  • Non-destructive internal imaging such as x-ray and SAM
  • Destructive physical analysis and internal visual inspection
  • Advanced analytical techniques and electrical test methods
  • Product traceability and compliance verification
  • Purchasing process and supply chain scrutiny
  • Industry standards and government initiatives

This panel is free to everyone and be sure to bring your questions.

User's Groups

The ISTFA 2010 User’s Groups provide a semi-formal, interactive and strictly non-commercial forum for users of a specific technique or area of failure analysis and testing to meet, share ideas, and discuss relevant issues.

All ISTFA attendees are welcome to attend the User’s Group meetings. If you would like to make a User’s Group presentation, you must submit your presentation by email to the User’s Group Chair, Ed Keyes of UBM TechInsights at epkeyes@rogers.com. Questions and suggestions should also be sent directly to Ed.

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Poster sessions, networking luncheons and the EDFAS general membership meeting provide even more opportunities for learning and interaction with your peers and colleagues.

** Speakers are required to have approval to present their work at ISTFA, and are required to pay all expenses associated with their participation.

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